About Postira

Postira, a small place for great holidays

Postira is one of the few places where irregularities, contrasts and meetings of old and new are converted into harmony. A harmony of sound and silence, bura wind and romantic sunset, waves and gentle pebbles, hard work and songs.

Even today, you will still feel affection for the traditional Dalmatian lifestyle, merge with local people, and wish to come back. To the place that will pamper all your senses…

Postira, a small place for great holidays

If you take a walk through the old core of the place, it will seem like you have come back to the past Docked boats are resting around a small bridge, a place from which numerous families escorted their sailors but also eagerly awaited their return. Cobbled streets with their pebblestones pay tribute to local masters honouring them with the fact that streets lead to the holiest place – the parish church.

Pjaca was a place for dancing, singing and watching each other. Closed blindsof the gentlemen’s houses even today keep secrets about love encounters that occurred at the moment of taking water from the outside pipe whilst from the stone benches, games, laughter, quarrels and small talks echo. This small Dalmatian square shines in particular during fjere(festivals) and other holidays. On the way to the sea, the old paved roofs are given a special impression, not only because of the traditional way of their construction but also because of the supernatural beings that are believed to have lived in attics. Macići, marinorgoti and fairies will tickle your imagination, especially if you hear about them from local storytellers.

Do not miss visiting the narrowest street “Pust me proć” (leave me to pass) in Škarića dvori, where the largest number of taverns in one place is located. Kind hosts will gladly open them and show you what they are so proud of – their wine and olive oil.