About the name

There are two stories related to the emergence of the name. One is the one from official books and writings where Postira is mentioned back in 1347 under the name Postirna(from Latin Patura – pasture), whilst another which was created by oral tradition, is related to the women from the neighbouring village of Dol who were coming to Postira to wash the clothes and extend (prostirati) it.


The village of Postira was founded in 16th century whilst its first inhabitants were Dol and Poljica locals who moved out of their places. Numerous stone houses within the port testify about the former Brač landed gentlemen. Among them stands a castle of the family Lazanić in which Croatian poet Vladimir Nazor (1876 – 1949) was born.

The parish church built in the middle of the 16th century bears the name of St John the Baptist, while the remains of an Early-Christian basilica from the 6th century were found at the foot of it. Even other archaeological sites testify to the long history of Postira: Mirje at Mali brig hill, where an Early Christian monastery complex was found and Lovrečina, at the same time one of the most beautiful sandy bays, which hosts the early-Christian church, both from the 5th/6th century.