Penance procession on Good Friday

Penance procession on Good Friday

A procession in the morning of Good Friday delivers a particular story that begins in the early morning hours, tooled by steps that have made a pilgrimage to these routes for centuries. The cross-bearer carries a 30 kg cross and leads a 5.5 km penitence walk while singing the traditional song “Our Lady’s Crying.”

The sound of children’s clappersmarking the stations may be heard in the distance. But they never meet the procession, except near the small church of St. Michael, one of three early Christian churches found along the route (here are also the small churches of St. Peter and St. Vitus).

The view of Dol and Postira from the Kučac overlook is amazing whilst on the second section of the route, you’ll feel like you’re holding Škrip, Dol and Postira in your hands.

You may walk the trail throughout the year, but if you find yourself in Dol during the Easter time, you really shouldn’t miss this procession.

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