The Olive Picking World Championship

The Olive Picking World Championship

A unique event in the world that has been held in Postira, since 2017. It is an event that takes place in October intending to promote olive growing and everything that is connected with it. Postira Tourist Board, Postira Agricultural Cooperative, Postira Municipality and Aldura Sport d.o.o. organize it with common efforts.

Its aim is to promote Postira as an olive destination that produces a completely natural, healthy and high-quality olive oil by respecting centuries-old tradition and high-quality standards, thus providing an authentic experience for tourists and a healthy and comfortable life for locals. Said using Postira dialect, here tourism and agriculture go šotobraco (side by side).

The national teams of the participating countries consist of four members (two female members and two male members) and compete in the categories of hand picking and quiz about olive growing. In addition to the competitive part, during all the days of the championship, tastings, excursions and entertainment evenings are organised to experience Postira, the Ethno-eco village Dol, and also the island of Brač in the best possible way. Postira has hosted national teams from all over the world so far, providing them with unforgettable memories.


At the national level, this event won a multitude of awards: Charter “Golden Olives” at the 15th International Event of Olive Growers “Maslina” in 2018, the Golden Charter “Simply the Best” awarded by the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies and magazine Way to Croatia in 2018 and Golden Charter on Sunflower of Rural Tourism in 2018. In the same year, the Olive Picking World Championship received a Croatian Island Product designation awarded by the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds.

The prestigious Creative Tourism Network International Organization Award for the best creative experience in tourism in 2019 has also shown how unique and successful the event is. In a competition of as many as 160 reported projects from around the world, the World Championship won the first prize, which was awarded at the Fitur Tourist Fair in Madrid in early 2020.